Friday, August 1, 2008

Slim Goodbody

It's never too early to start teaching children about their health. Just today my 3-year-old and I had a conversation about why man cannot live on ice cream alone.

Unfortunately, sometimes the wisdom Mom imparts isn't nearly as interesting as what some cool dude named Slim Goodbody has to say about everything from healthy eating to how our circulatory system works.

From his website:

In 1975, John Burstein created the Slim Goodbody character to help him teach healthy living at the Floating Hospital in New York. Five years later, the character exploded on PBS with his first television series, The Inside Story. Today, Slim Goodbody hosts the amazing National Bodyology Tour and now dozens of new characters enhance the full K-8 school curriculum.

Slim Goodbody has entertained children with his unique, exciting and enlightening shows for 30 years. Currently his programs air on over 120 public TV stations nationwide and he has authored more than a dozen children's books. Donning his signature outfit, he educates children by combining humor, music and incredible visuals into an inspiring performance.

Slim Goodbody has 111 National Bodyology Shows in 31 states. To find a venue near you, click here.

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*Mia Jude* said...

Cathy- Thanks for the comments on my blog. I completely agree on the need to focus on healthy body image. I am stunned to learn how many women actually struggle with eating and body issues. I used to think I was alone in my problem. Thanks again and God Bless!