Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More prayer....less fat?

Recent studies show that one reason we hang onto belly fat is because we are simply too stressed. Stress raises levels of cortisol in our bodies, and the result is resistant visceral fat -- the dangerous kind that surrounds our internal organs and leads to heart disease and type two diabetes.

Vain or not, we all want to get rid of that kind of fat.

Studies also show that an excellent way to destress is to practice meditative prayer.

If you haven't tried praying the Rosary, well, now you have no excuse.

Most Catholics recognize the Rosary as a series of prayers, primarily Hail Marys, said in succession while contemplating the mysteries of the lives of Jesus and His Mother. What they may also admit is that praying the Rosary is an excellent means of bringing onself to a calm, peaceful place. Calm and peaceful = less stress. Spiritual growth and a flatter, healthier tummy? Sounds like a combo we should try.

I've been attached to the Rosary since I was a little girl. (Today I wrote about it here.) It has been my companion through good times and in bad, and in fact many times has brought me great peace. And the physiological result of praying the Rosary simply cannot be denied. Many times I've even dozed off with my precious beads slipping through my fingers.

Curious about the Rosary? I invite my friends of all faiths to give it a try. Contemplation, peace, a better understanding of the Mysteries of Jesus' life, and better mental and physical health...something worth considering.

Visit this lovely site to learn more.


Kate Wicker said...

Cathy, you should submit this to the next Mary Moments Carnival (its theme is The Rosary).


Sarah Reinhard said...

I'm pretty sure you weren't after a laugh.

But I couldn't help it.

It was a guffaw, actually.

But a good one.

Your tone and your dog-gone-right-on-target way of saying things is just...wonderful, Cathy.

Thanks for that!