Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stick Figure: A Book Review

I stuck my nose in a book last week, and soon my heart was drawn in as well.
Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb is the intriguing story of an eleven year old girl -- the author -- told through her original diaries. It's hard to believe these pages were penned by a child, as they are so well-written, funny and thoughtful, but Gottlieb says they are indeed the words of her childhood self.

The diary reveals the journey of that precocious little girl as she "advanced" from interesting, creative child to a pre-adolescent consumed with a desire to be thin. Her account of anorexia is anecdotal, not scientific, but it is as profound as it is compelling.

Psychologists, medical doctors, nutritionists and even Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith are brought in to help Lori with her "situation" but it is simply a moment of self-discovery and choice that starts her on the path to recovery.

The book is completing engaging and I would have enjoyed it even if I weren't keenly interested in why we are often ready to die to be thin. The young Gottlieb had me hooked with her sense of humor and real understanding of the ridiculous nature of our culture.

It's a book worth your time, especially if you have young daughters. It's a good reminder that when we hold up the mirror to ourselves, disdaining the image we see there, our girls are right behind us, gazing at themselves in that same glass.

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